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Image by Diogo Nunes
  • Writer's pictureAmy Fahimi

Alabama Ballot Access for the Jill Stein 2024 Presidential Campaign

Dr. Jill Stein, our presumptive Green Party presidential nominee wrote “If you're on the ballot you are really contending for power.” Nineteen states currently have GP ballot access. Every state has different requirements for achieving it, so it is vital that party leaders know the specific governmental requirements for their state. In Alabama 5,000 signatures are required to get Jill on the ballot. This is a big challenge for our very small state party, but I believe that we should make an honest attempt at it. Regardless of the outcome, every positive contact with the public is a chance for us to spread awareness of our party and let people know they have a choice available other than the two war parties.

Rick Lass, GP Ballot Access Director has been training volunteers every Monday night on Zoom in best practices for petitioning the public for ballot access. The key is to get very organized. Know your state requirements including valid petitioning forms and what filing fees are necessary. Be ready to train and organize petitioners. The Green Party of Missouri has a wonderful training video on their website. Make people feel welcome, knowledgeable and part of the team. Maintain a calendar of events and know locations where a lot of people are likely to sign such as farmer's markets and protests. Think about whether you prefer tabling or walking around. Make sure signers are registered voters and that they write legibly. You are not asking for their vote but just the right to be on the ballot. If you find enthusiastic people take extra time to get them to volunteer. If you would like to volunteer for or donate to the Jill Stein campaign go to Jill wrote “Without third parties, all forward movement stops. They're essential.” Here in Alabama we are part of this movement! Please contact Amy Fahimi, if you want to participate in petitioning.


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