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A Campaign Update from Justin Paglino, Field Director, Jill Stein 2024

The Jill Stein 2024 campaign continues to grow in strength. Every week our volunteer base is growing, and we’ve been able to meet or exceed our fundraising goals. Right now Jill is in the middle of a 15 state tour, and has found deep support from the communities that she’s visited, from the Colorado Muslim Society in Denver, to students at Portland State University, to the universal healthcare advocacy organization Whole Washington in Seattle. Jill continues to make media appearances, recently on The Sabby Sabs show, Briahna Joy Gray’s “Bad Faith” podcast, and the Katie Halper Show: all interviews well worth listening to and sharing.

It is our goal to get Jill on the ballot in all 50 states, and so far we have already succeeded in adding Arizona, Utah, and Hawaii to the list of states. Thanks to the hard work of State Green Parties over the years, the Green Party of the United States came into this race already with ballot access in 18 states, and now we are at 21 and counting. Idaho’s deadline is the next one approaching March 15 and we are optimistic we will be on the ballot there.  Because of the great number of signatures required in many states, our priority is twofold: gathering more volunteers in the states where we need signatures, and fundraising across the country to hire the paid petitioners we will undoubtedly need in many of the states with the most prohibitive hurdles to ballot access, such as NY which requires 45,000 signatures, and only gives a 42 day window in which to collect them.

Jill Stein, we anticipate, will be the only pro-worker, anti-genocide, pro-climate action candidate on enough ballots to actually win the Presidency - we will be a true challenge to the power of the parties of War and Wall Street. And win or lose, a central goal of this campaign is to grow the Green Party, so that we may fight more effectively for People, Planet, and Peace, year after year, up and down the ballot. To volunteer, donate, or learn more about the road trip and other upcoming events, please visit

Justin Paglino, MD, PhD

Field Director, Jill Stein 2024

Guilford, CT


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